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I am sincerely grateful that you ordered The Comfort Zone. This is going to be such a transformative journey we take together. It means so much to me that you believe in my work and I'm looking forward to what's to come for you.


Live Masterclass ($499 value)​

The Comfort Zone is NOT Your Danger Zone *Replay* LIVE Masterclass with Kristen Butler

Spend an hour with Kristen while she holds space for you and compassionately explains why your comfort zone is NOT your danger zone.

And, why, in fact, she believes it’s the place where you can find your greatest source of joy, creativity, and growth.

Feel relief as she guides you through new, science-based concepts that she shares in her book to help you live a life with less stress and more flow.


Limiting Beliefs PDF​

What Beliefs Do You Hold About Your Comfort Zone?​

You cannot change your life with the same old program- ming running inside you. Likewise, you cannot change your life if you aren’t aware of the beliefs you currently hold…


Power Stance Pdf Digital Download

What is a Power Stance? How can you use a Power Stance to stand in your power–literally– no matter what is happening around you?

In this pdf downloadable lesson, Kristen shares how to create balance and stay in your Comfort Zone no matter where you are, by learning how to take a power stance.


Power Stance Card Deck PDF Digital Download

Get access to this 20 Card Printable Deck…

Carry these powerful reminders wherever you go – so that you can easily feel supported, confident and comfortable during any challenge you face.

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