Positive Praise

Elisha Covey

She has thoughtfully laid out a clear, concise, implementable road map to accomplishing your goals and dreams while honoring who you are in this present moment. Her words and tools will peacefully guide and support you while you create a life of bliss through radically reimagining and expanding your comfort zone – pure BRILLANCE! HIGHLY recommended!”

Dave Hollis

Kristen’s detailed explanation around the tools, habits and mindset shifts that can help you expand your comfort zone rather than stepping out are practical and insightful. Read this book if you want a better life without the cost of burnout!”

David Zucker

I made millions in the movie business, but I could have made ten times more had I stayed in my comfort zone.”

Ayden Mekus,

Kristen Butler is taking positivity to the next level by teaching you how to expand what’s comfortable to you to achieve high levels of success.”

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