Lauren Magers

This work is revolutionary and will transform the minds and hearts of the world. Kristen has truly cracked the code by shattering the old ideology that the more you do the more successful you are. She awakens the reader to a new perspective of living, being and creating and gives them the simple step by step formula they can put into action immediately to achieve ultimate happiness and inner peace in their life. The world has been yearning for this wisdom, and it is finally here!

Dominique Moceanu,

Having experienced the benefits (both for myself and for the student athletes I coach) of Kristen Butler’s 3 Minute Positivity Journal, I was already an admirer and follower of her writings and insights. The Comfort Zone comes as a real eye-opener, though. I’m taken by the revelatory and empathetic approach she takes to what a comfort zone can be when we allow ourselves to accept and embrace it.

Lewis Howes,

This book will change the way you think about growth and comfort forever!

Simon Alexander Ong,

and demonstrates how a healthier relationship with it can help us towards living our best life.

David Zucker

I made millions in the movie business, but I could have made ten times more had I stayed in my comfort zone.”

Ayden Mekus,

Kristen Butler is taking positivity to the next level by teaching you how to expand what’s comfortable to you to achieve high levels of success.”

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